Player Help

Please note that this system is still in development and some things may change.

Quick Start

Unpack your kit and wear the following.
  • Unpack Kit, Wear Highlighted Items
  • Wait for weapon to activate.
  • Click the ‘semi’ button as indicated below.
  • Go into mouselook (scroll up really far or hit ‘m’) and start shooting.
  • (optional) after downing a player, walk up to them and use the TK option to revive them.


  • MENU – opens the System Menu (explained below)
  • RELOAD – reloads your weapon’s magazine
  • SAFETY – safeties and holsters your Weapon
  • SEMI – arms your weapon in Semi-Automatic mode
  • BURST – arms burst-fire mode (where available)
  • TK (Trauma Kit) – Enables you to use a Trauma Kit to revive a player
  • FAK (First Aid Kit) – Enables you to use a First Aid Kit to heal yourself or a fellow player.
  • HELP – Points you to this page

System Menu Options

  • Team Colors (Gray, Olive,Tan or Red,Blue,Pink depending on system)
  • Ray/Rez – Toggles Raycast / Rezzed Bullet modes (see below)
  • HitData – Enables damage feedback on shot targets.
  • Markers – When in Raycast Mode, rezzes little colored balls to indicated the hit location of raycast.

About TUNES aka “MilSim” Mode

TUNES (TAGS Unnamed Nextgent Engagement System) is a standalone meter optimized for hardcore military simulation gameplay where extra settings and game modes would lead to confusion. It is the most elemental version of TAGS and is being used to code the foundation bits.

Player Lifecycle and Defeat

  1. Player Spawns/Respawns with 10 Hitpoints
  2. Player gets shot / stabbed / bit , which depletes these hitpoints.
  3. When a player runs out of hitpoints, they are ‘downed’ for up to three minutes.
  4. During this ‘down time’, the player can be revived by another player, if either of them have at least one (1) trauma kit.
  5. After three minutes if the player is still down, they can then manually revive their character.

Raycast vs. Rezzed Bullets

Raycast (Ray) Mode does not require rezzing rights to ‘fire’ your weapon, but it only works within the sim you are standing in. This is the default mode because it’s more efficient on sim performance than Rezzed Mode.

Rezzed Bullet Mode rezzes a physical bullet, this bullet provides a visible tracer, and can cross sims to reach targets. This requires rez rights and can impact sim performance.

Your Ammo Pool

Your attached weapon has a specific number of ‘reloads’ in your ammo pool. As you expend magazines, that pool shrinks. Your ammo pool will refill over time, but you can run dry if you do not conserve your shots.

Medical System

Your standard loadout has a One (1) First Aid Kit (or “FAK”) and One (1) Trauma Kit (“TK”).  The First Aid Kit can restore the full 10 hitpoints and stop any potential bleeding caused by injuries.
If you are downed (run out of HP), someone will need to apply a Trauma Kit on you in order to revive before the down timer resets.