Quick Fixes

  • If you just attached the meter and find you’re either not killing anything or are killing them hilariously fast, you’re all still in ‘Practice’ mode.
    If you want more of a challenge, you need to pick another team and game mode
  • TAGS only interacts with TAGS meters and TAGS weapons. It does not support collision-based weapons.
  • If the guns are too ugly for your liking, talk to your favorite weapon producer about supporting TAGS
  • Arcade, MilSim, RP Mode, Practice Mode teams cannot damage each other across modes.

Quick Start Instructions

Your TAGS Starter Kit includes the following:

  • Tags METER – this is the primary component of the system, weapons will not work without this meter.
  • Tags HUD – This text hud displays your condition, ammo load, and lets you quickly access the Draw/Holster, Reload, and First Aid commands
  • Service Pistol – A reasonably powerful starter weapon.
  • Service Pistol Holster – a stylish weapon holster for your Service Pistol

Starting Steps

  1. Wear the Meter and Hud
    It will start off in Practice Mode (Orange Team). In orange mode you can shoot targets for full effect but other players will only die if you really unload on them.
  2. Wear the Pistol (or other TAGS weapon)
    The meter will inform you how long it will take for your weapon to activate. It will tell you when it’s ready.
  3. Say ‘draw’ or use the menu to pick ‘semi’ or ‘burst’ mode. (non-burst weapons will still activate in Semi-Auto.
  4. Aim at other player or target and click mouse to fire.
  5. Changing Teams
    Click the logo on the Hud, or the holster, or the back of your head to access the TAGS Menu