About / FAQ

TAGS (backronym “Training and Game System”) and TUNES (backronym “Totally Uneeded Nextgen Engagement System) are combat systems for the VRMMO of SecondLife.

TAGS was started in ~2007 as a hobby, with a new build coming out every couple of years as it’s developer was in the mood to take another shot at it.
In 2018, a more serious push from clients and issues with existing legacy systems prompted the creation of TUNES, which includes vehicles and minimal front-end for on-foot engagements.


  • Raycast and Rezzed Bullets
    Defaulting to raycast in most instances, you can also switch to rezzed rounds for crossing sims or when you want visible tracers.
  • Basic Medical Gameplay
    In MilSim and Roleplay modes, you can regain hp from First Aid Kits and revived from a downed state using Trauma Kits.
  • Free-Roam,  Arenas, Shoot Houses, Roleplay Zones
    TAGS is by default designed to operate anywhere you can run scripts.
    Some sims or locations may feature Zones, or spaces where the meter is overriden for games (deathmatch, shoot house, zombies, etc) or roleplay where your individual role is set by a local server.
  • Documented and Open API
    Example scripts, blackbox scripts and rezzed bits will be available soon. If you develop original content, please contact Rez Gray or TAGS resident , or ping our Discord!
  • Brand-Agnostic
    By design, we will not be able to provide overpowered or damaging weapons to any creator, and they should not be able to overpower unless they really, really miss the point.
  • Cheat-Tempered 
    This system was designed from the start to alleviate ‘cheating’ either intentional or unintentional by users. This includes slaving the weapon to the meter to prevent attacking while the player is dead.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I can’t bring my own guns?
A: You need to use a TAGS-enabled weapon. We give you a free pistol.
We are making the API available for creators to enable TAGS in their  weapons. And we do sell some (rather ugly) weapon archetypes.

Q: What is ‘TUNES”
TUNES is the ‘MILSIM’ only version of the meter that does not have external server support of other custom game modes to ensure faster performance in ‘milsim’ environments. It still uses all tags gear but may be limited use in roleplay or arcade games.

Q: Why are you releasing a combat engine in a market that’s bloody saturated with them? My mom and her dog both have their own combat engine systems!
A: Because I have some nitpicks. Like, a decade of nitpicks. And I wanted something that’s way easier to pick up and use. Specifically in the case of  training to train some tactics and scenarios. At least the kind that don’t need an actual game engine

Q: Why do I die so fast?
A: Yeah.  About that, I really hate blowing entire mags into someone to kill them. If you’re unarmored and not taking cover, you’re toast.

Q: Can I add my own weapons / vehicles to TAGS?
A: Yes! Contact TAGS Resident in-world to inquire about API. Note that you may need to pattern your weapon from the existing Weapons Table unless you have something really unique that shoots shurikens and lightning or something.

Q: Your weapon table doesn’t seem to have anything in the way of ‘balance’, how are you going to deal with everyone bringing an AR or SAW to a fight?
A: …. simple, try to suck less find really good cover and don’t get  shot.

Q: Are you planning to suppose conventional weapons or (ins. existing system here)
A: No. There are a lot of reasons that start and end with ‘because people will just use it to cheat’.

Q: Does this game have an ‘online’ component to break or fail?
A: There is an updater in the meter and items (presently CasperUpdate) but no online functionality in the TUNES meter. The TAGS meter will have in-world servers but I will not require a running website.

Q: How can I support the development?
A: You can purchase accessory items like armor, medical gear, or weapons. There is also a patreon at https://www.patreon.com/RezGray